Miami-Dade has long been been well known for a diversity of cultures within the county. Among all of the Hispanic immigrant communities in the county, the 50,000 Venezuelans who call Miami-Dade home represent just 2% of its population; however, they have managed to leave their mark on the county's cultural landsacpe, especially in the City of Doral.

A Little Venezuela in Doral


Living Like A Venezuelan

The number of venezuelans in Miami Dade has increased considerably since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1999, when many either left voluntarily or fled, looking for a better life. In their attempts to find the American dream, they gathered in the Miami suburbs where, through their influence, they have recreated a small Venezuela.

Thanks to the impact that Venezuelans have made in the City of Doral, the suburb is now called “Doralzuela” by many. Venezuelan restaurants, art galleries and freight forward businesses can be found all around the city and this makes it an authentic venezuelan experience.

Breaking it down by the numbers

The following infographic shows how the Venezuelan community has influenced South Florida’s economy. Venezuelan influenced from import and export of commercial goods to the real estate market. This growing community is a strong player in the development of new businesses and international trade.

Venezuela Infographic