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The Font on our Beautiful Logo is Rationale


Use this font sparingly, when possible choose one of the alternatives below for titles or subtitles:



What should I use for body text?

The font for body text and most paragraphs is Lekton. Lekton might be too skinny or quirky to use on large bodies of text. If the legibility is compromised, opt for Arial.

Site Colors

When creating graphics for this site, take into account this palette.

  1. The BEIGE used for the background is #EBDEB6
  2. The LIME used for links and accents is #D2DD5D
  3. The GREEN that you don't see much and shows when hovering over a link is #BABE32
  4. The BLUE used as the base color for boxes is #2980b9
  5. The LIGHTER BLUE that accents it is #3498db
  6. An even DARKER BLUE you might want to use to accent other things is #182849
  7. Of course there's also the WHITE, pure white #FFFFFF

Sizes for images

The span of this paragraph is 540 pixels ---------------------->

So try not to make your infographics wider than that. The max width for ANYTHING will be 940 pixels, but this will not display properly unless the site is in full screen on a larger resolutions.

Thumbnails will be made into 300 x 200 images. Like so:

For the full size resolution, try to make them AT LEAST 1200 pixels wide. Keep your photographs preferably in landscape orientation.

Goodies and stuff

logo reference sheet

You can find this .PSD in the Drive along with the zipped files for the fonts.